Ethanol Gets Mention During Debate

John Davis

Just about half an hour into the presidential debate and ethanol has received its first mention, as Republican Sen. John McCain has declared that he would end current ethanol subsidies, if he’s elected president.

Not exactly what the folks who produce and use the green fuel would like to hear. I was a bit surprised that Democratic Sen. Barack Obama didn’t respond to that… but he did point out that McCain had supported tax cuts for the big oil companies. McCain countered that Obama had supported the current energy bill before Congress with those Big Oil tax breaks… which also contains important renewable energy provisions. So, on the surface, it certainly looks like that he who supports Big Oil would also be supporting renewable energy (kind of ironic, ain’t it?).

McCain also clarified that he is in favor of alternative energy… solar, wind and hybrid vehicles… but with the caveat that we need to have more nuclear energy to have those.

So, not a lot of talk so far about renewable energy. Although this was billed as a foreign policy debate, I would have thought that our domestic fuel sources should have been a bigger player in that foreign policy discussion.

I’ll keep watching and update you when they say something that might interest you.

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