Food and Fuel Campaign Launch

Cindy Zimmerman

The American Ag and Energy Council (AAEC) has launched a national radio campaign featuring a “Food and Fuel Update.”

The ads will be running on nationally syndicated shows including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, in addition to local radio stations throughout the United States.

The “Food and Fuel Update” features Mark Pearson, a nationally respected agriculture and economic expert and host of Public Television’s “Market to Market.”

In the first 30 second radio spot, Pearson says, “We’re sending $500 billion a year to hostile nations like Iran. But America doesn’t need to be dependent on foreign energy. We have a clean, renewable energy source right here — ethanol.”

The American Ag & Energy Council was formed last month as a coalition of agriculture, renewable energy, academia and others for the promotion of modern agriculture and renewable energy. Members include Big River Resources, Hawkeye Energy Holdings and Golden Grain Energy, with co-chairpersons from Iowa State University and the University of Illinois.

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