Tailgate Tour Takes Ethanol Message to College

Cindy Zimmerman

The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council is taking a fun and educational message about ethanol to college campuses this fall as part of the 2008 FOX Tailgate Tour presented by Ford and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Tailgate TourThe 14-week road trip to this season’s biggest college football games offers unique promotional opportunities for EPIC, according to marketing specialist Jennifer Powell.

“College students are an untapped audience for ethanol. They’re educated and often focused on environmentally friendly issues,” said Powell. “Our messaging will tap into the environmental and economic benefits of ethanol, encouraging them to become ethanol fans for life.”

The Fox Tailgate Tour provides 20 live, on-air ethanol promos each week, prominent mentions on the FOX Radio website, and promotion throughout the tour’s 32-page magazine, in addition to six hours of tailgate activities promoting ethanol at each game.

Promotions feature the ethanol mascot Edgar the E Man and reach out to college students through the popular on-line social network Facebook. “The first 85 people from each tailgate venue to sign up as friends of Edgar on Facebook receive a free gift,” said Powell.

The main grand prize being offered at each tailgate stop is a year of free ethanol-blended fuel for one lucky winner. To find out where the Fox Tailgate Tour will be this weekend, check out www.TailGateTour.com.

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