Farmers Evaluate Candidate Positions

Cindy Zimmerman

The American Farm Bureau Federation has released the results of a presidential election questionnaire completed by Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama. In the document, both candidates responded to AFBF’s inquiries about a number of issues important to agriculture, including renewable fuels.

McCain ObamaAnswering the question of renewable fuels, McCain responded in part that, “solving our energy crisis requires an “all of the above” approach. It will require aggressive development of alternative energies like wind, solar, tidal and biofuels.”

Obama answered the question by saying, “Farmers are pinched by record energy prices and feel firsthand the effects of our energy crisis, yet farmers also know that rural communities are on the cutting edge of efforts to end it, and it’s time Washington stepped up to help. That’s why I have established a goal to have 60 billion gallons of our fuel come from sustainable, affordable biofuels
by 2022.”

Maintaining tax incentives and fuel blending standards to encourage production and use of renewable fuels is top priority for Farm Bureau and analysts note that farmers and ranchers have a tough choice ahead of them in November.

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