E85 with a Ford Mustang

A 1999 Ford Mustang GT has been converted to run on the alternative fuel bend of 85 percent ethanol. The engine was changed by the owner, Steve Shrader of Mount Holly, NC.

“The Mustang ran great for more than a year,” noted Shrader. “In the quest for more horsepower, we pulled the engine out of the car to see just how far we could push the horsepower level out of a 4.6L Mustang engine which is street legal and still has a cold A/C. The most recent results were staggering. Running on summer blend E85, the car made 640 horsepower, measured at the rear wheels. With a typical 15 percent driveline loss, that is about 750 hp, if measured at the engine, compared to Ford’s dismal factory output of 260 hp.”

Although this car is not a daily driver nor built to be a commuter car, Shrader said it makes a nice weekend cruising toy and it still makes trips to the dragstrip for fun runs.

Shrader added, “The great results are largely contributed to E85’s 105 octane and cooler-burning characteristics, which allow us to really push the engine beyond what a gasoline engine can safely handle.”

Automobile manufacturers do not recommend converting a gasoline powered vehicle to run on E85.

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