Fed Grant Gives Biodiesel Plant Second Life

John Davis

A year ago, the owner of a recycling plant in Talmo, Georgia could only watch as a pond of waste grease behind his facility burned for a day and a half.

But this story from the Athens (GA) Banner-Herald says Agri-Cycle owner Richard Harville has received a $500 thousand check from the US Department of Agriculture to start a new biodiesel plant, Zurix Biodiesel, somewhere in Georgia… but not in the same location where Agri-Cycle was located:

Harville is in the process of removing 10 million gallons of grease and water from detention ponds behind Agri-Cycle, which the state Environmental Protection Division ordered closed a few weeks before the grease in one of the ponds caught fire.

A million gallons of the recovered grease will go to the new plant for use as fuel for Harville’s newest venture, he said.

Agri-Cycle recycled restaurant grease and poultry processing waste in large outdoor ponds. The residue was sprayed onto plants grown and sold to the public on site.

The article goes on to say that Zurix will use restaurant grease and chicken fat to make the biodesel… readily available in Georgia.