Study Shows Biodiesel Out-Performs Petroleum Diesel

John Davis

A 13-week study of vehicles fueling with B99 biodiesel had no mechanical issues, ran more smoothly and significantly reduced CO2 emissions and other air toxins compared to petroleum diesel.

This press release posted on says that Seattle-based Propel Fuels, a leading retailer of low-carbon renewable fuels and The Essential Baking Company, announced the results of a study where B99 replaced petroleum fuel in the baking company’s delivery fleet:

“This study reflects what many in the industry have known for years — biodiesel performs as well as, if not better than regular petroleum oil,” says Rob Elam, founder of Propel. “As more and more fleet owners look for ways to reduce their emissions, they can feel confident that our biodiesel is a quality fuel.”

During the 13-week trial, six Essential Baking vehicles fueled with strictly B99 blend biodiesel from Propel’s Clean Fuel Points, travelling approximately 37,000 miles on 2,500 gallons of B99, with one vehicle logging over 14,000 miles. Vehicles selected varied in model, types of routes, and mileage driven. No vehicle failures and no operational issues were experienced. Cold weather proved not to be a problem for the vehicles, even with 32 days when the daily low temperature was below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority of drivers reported that the vehicles ran more smoothly and more quietly on B99 than on petro-diesel.

The press release goes on to say that Propel was able to find out some specific facts during the trial:

The results indicated that the delivery vehicles:
— reduced their output of CO2 by more than 43,000 pounds,
— displaced 1,553 gallons of petroleum oil,
— reduced harmful particulate matter (PM) produced by 78 percent,
— reduced air toxins by 60 to 90 percent,
— eliminated 100 percent of sulfur compounds from vehicle exhaust.