Corn Growers Provide Ethanol Facts and Free Bumper Stickers

Cindy Zimmerman

***Post Update*** The National Corn Growers Association is regretfully out of these free bumper stickers. Thanks for your support of American Farmers!

Ethanol FactsThe National Corn Growers Association has updated its Ethanol Facts website. The Web site provides information on ethanol production, blends, suitability for engines and economic and environmental impacts, as well as a glossary and links to other online resources. Among the changes to the updated site is printer-friendly formatting.

“Given how much misinformation about corn ethanol can be found on the Internet, this update provides a timely service to consumers, policy makers and the news media,” said Steve Ruh, chairman of the NCGA Ethanol Committee and a grower from Sugar Grove, Ill. “This is a comprehensive resource that will help make sure the truth prevails in any ethanol debate.”

Corn Bumper StickerThe corn growers are also trying to get the word out that they are capable of meeting the nation’s needs for food, feed and fuel by bumper sticker. While supplies last, they are offering free bright yellow bumper stickers that proclaim “US Farmers – Producing Food, Feed and Fuel” to anyone who wants to help them get that message out on the road. For a sticker, email NCGA at

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