A Destiny of Sustainable Energy

John Davis

Destiny, Florida, the first eco-sustainable city in the country, is creating Florida’s first sustainable energy farm.

This press release from the green city just south of Disney World in Central Florida says the Destiny Sustainable Energy Farm will be a learning center, applying and showcasing 21st century farming technologies and practices to produce alternative fuels:

“Destiny’s Energy Farm will be a proving ground for technologies and practices of the future and is a testament to our commitment to create a truly eco-sustainable community in the state,” said Anthony V. Pugliese, III, Destiny founder. “It’s just the beginning of building a city that operates with minimal impact on the environment and serves as a scientific hub where the latest green technology innovations will emerge.”

The Energy Farm is a result of a cooperative effort between several private/public individuals and companies, including the University of Florida; GreenTechnologies, LLC; Everglades Farm Equipment; American Drilling Services, Inc.; Global Renewable Energy; Southern Farms; Energy Structures & Systems, Inc.; and Bio Greens Oil USA, LLC.

The energy farm is growing 20 acres of sweet sorghum, which requires less water and fertilizer and is hardier in bad soils. Samples of the grain are being tested at the University of Florida to measure yield and ethanol potential.

Officials say they’re trying to grow crops that are good for alternative fuels, while looking at new food production for the community.

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