Suzuki to Develop FFVs Running on 100% Ethanol

According to the Nikkei Business Daily, Japan’s Suzuki Motor Company will begin selling flexible fuel vehicles running on 100 percent ethanol by the year 2010. The FFVs will be offered for sale in both the U.S. and Brazil.

Suzuki will first begin offering vehicles that can run on 25 percent ethanol in Brazil in March. Currently in the U.S., the highest ethanol blend of fuel which can be sold is 85 percent. Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Nissan currently sell these vehicles and there are about seven million on America’s roads. Suzuki’s move would mark a huge development in ethanol-powered vehicles, and a huge shift for Suzuki, which hasn’t had any alternative fuel-specific offerings in its lineup to this point.

The Brazilian ethanol industry is experiencing amazing growth right now. The industry is based on the conversion of sugarcane to ethanol and, according to reports, it is a completely self-sustaining industry. The United States main source of ethanol is corn.

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