Citizens for Energy Freedom Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

A group dedicated to energy independence and fuel choice is holding a conference to bring other like-minded Americans together to “organize and win the battle against the oil cartel.”

citizens for energy freedomThe Founding Conference of the Citizens for Energy Freedom in Des Moines, Iowa on September 13-14.

The group is pushing for congress to pass a law requiring that all new cars sold in the United States be flex-fuel vehicles. The Open Fuel Standard Act, has already been introduced in the Senate (S3303) and the House of Representatives (H6559).

By making flex fuel the American standard, we can open the fuel market worldwide, as all foreign car makers would be impelled to convert their lines over as well. Around the globe, gasoline would be forced to compete at the pump against alcohol fuels made from any number of sources, including not only corn and sugar, but cellulosic ethanol made from crop residues and weeds, as well as methanol, which can be made from any kind of biomass, as well as coal, natural gas, and recycled urban trash.

Conference information and registration are available on-line at

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