Galva Holstein Opens Iowa’s First Blender Pump

Galva Holstein Ag., LLC opened the first ethanol blender pump within the state of Iowa on August 14. The fuel dispensing unit will sell the products of E10, E30, E85 and unleaded fuel at 1583 Market Avenue in Galva, Iowa. The site has been selling the alternative fuels of E85 and biodiesel since the spring of 2005, but just recently added the new blender pump. Over 175,000 gallons of E85 have been sold to date at this site which was noted remarkable because Galva’s population is only 350.

“With the assistance of IDED (Iowa Department of Economic Development) grants,” said Anne M. Johnson of Galva Holstein Ag., “which we are truly grateful for, we were able to add blender pumps this summer to this location and are now dispensing E10, E30, and clean-burning E85. All of us at Galva Holstein Ag are delighted to be a part of the energy ‘solution’ and feel that we are helping corn/grain farmers from the Mid’West’ instead of big oil guys in the Mid’East’. Renewable fuels are popular here and we continue our efforts to keep them in the good press.”

A re-grand opening is scheduled for September 17th to kick-start the blender pump and continue educating FFV drivers about the many benefits of using E85 and E30. The ENCORE blender dispenser includes eight nozzles dispensing fuel, has security lighting and overhead canopy for driver’s convenience. It is a 24-hour cardtrol facility that accepts all major credit cards.

Any level of ethanol above 10 percent is only approved for use in flexible fuel vehicles.

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