Solar Panel Cleaner Needed in Wake of Wildfires

John Davis

The recent California wildfires, that have charred thousands of acres and done millions of dollars in damage, have also had an impact on the state’s important solar power industry. The soot from those fires obscures the photovoltaic cells, making them less efficient.

SolarFrameWorks, a maker of solar technology, has introduced a new solar panel cleaning agent, PowerBoost… a touchless, biodegradable solution that cleans solar panels to boost their power production. This company press release has more:

“Solar panel cleaning is extremely important to achieve maximum output of a solar electric system,” said Dr. Patrina Eiffert, CEO, SolarFrameWorks. “The financial impact of a clean solar panel is immediate. More electricity produced by the solar panels means less dollars billed by the utility company and a direct savings to the owner. During this time of year, when solar systems generate the most power due to air conditioning usage, cleaning maintenance is especially important.”

Available for both residential and commercial applications, PowerBoost can be applied within minutes using a standard garden hose. The intense foaming solution contains high-quality surfactants that remove grime thereby increasing the level of solar insulation that is able to reach the solar cells. PowerBoost works on all types of glass, such as the tempered glass layered on the top of most crystalline solar panels. PowerBoost not only enhances the cleaning process but leaves behind a specially-formulated coating to reduce the number of cleanings required.

More information, including how to order the solution and cleaning system, is available at SolarFrame Works web site’s PowerBoost page: