GM Partners with Company to Develop Alternative Fuels in Asia

According to CNN, General Motors Corporation (GM) announced that it will partner with Thai energy conglomerate PTT PCL to develop alternative fuels for vehicles.

“GM will act as a catalyst, a facilitator and a conduit to support the development and sharing of the latest technology to address energy and environmental issues confronting the Asian region,” GM chairman and chief executive Richard Wagoner said in a statement.

GM said the teaming will include research in cellulosic ethanol and other non-food crops, expansion of biodiesel sources, development of CNG bifuel and dual fuel, as well as the development of low-cost hybrid, fuel cell and diesel engine technology for Thailand and Southeast Asian countries.

The U.S. automaker will also work with the Thailand Automotive Industry Association to develop an alternative energy strategy for Thailand’s automotive sector. The move will help reduce the country’s reliance on petroleum-based fuel, said the company.

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