Nebraska Governor Urges Ethanol Unity

Cindy Zimmerman

Governor HeinemanNebraska Governor Dave Heineman is calling on the agriculture industry to stick together on the issue of ethanol.

As keynote speaker at the 21st Ethanol Conference and Trade Show in Omaha Wednesday, Gov. Heineman noted that Nebraska is a large livestock producing state, as well as the nation’s number two ethanol producing state. “Corn-based ethanol is going to be around for a long time,” he said. “We can’t do it without a successful livestock industry. We need to stay united.”

Governor Heineman“Nebraska and America need a strong ethanol industry and Nebraska and America need a strong livestock industry,” Heineman stressed. “One cannot succeed without the other. America’s agriculture industry must remain united in support of a strong ethanol industry and a strong livestock industry. America must become energy independent and ethanol is one step in that process.”

After his address, Linda Kuester of Husker Ag presented the governor with the “200 Proof Ethanol Award” in honor of her husband Gary Kuester. The award is given annually to honor an individual for promotion of the ethanol industry in Nebraska.

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