Ford Announces Model Year 2009 FFVs

FordFord Motor Company has recently announced that it will add four new flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) models to their line in 2009. These actions will assist in meeting the company’s commitment to doubling FFV production by 2010 and producing 50% of their total production as FFVs by 2012.

“We are excited to see Ford moving forward with their commitment to adding more FFVs to their line-up,” said Executive Director of the NEVC Phil Lampert. “The auto industry is experiencing significant shifts in product demand to high mileage vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles which do not solely operate on petroleum. We believe that the use of E85 and other high level blends of ethanol in these FFVs can have a significant impact to reducing demand for imported petroleum.”

Ford will be offering the following FFVs in 2009:

5.4L F-150
4.6L Crown Victoria (for fleets only)
4.6L and 5.4L Econoline Van
5.4L Expedition

4.6L Grand marquis

5.4L Lincoln Navigator

For a listing of all flexible fuel vehicle models by year and manufacturer, to go

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