Florida Governor Promotes Alternative Fuels

Cindy Zimmerman

Florida Farm to Fuel Governor CristFlorida Governor Charlie Crist spoke to a group of over 450 gathered for the third annual Florida Farm to Fuel summit in Orlando Thursday, following an address by US Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer.

“You know that Florida is a top agricultural state already,” Crist told the group. “The development of ethanol and other biofuels is incredibly important to Florida’s future and America’s future. I truly believe that investing in renewable and alternative energies in the Sunshine State can propel us as a leader, no question about it.”

Governor Crist highlighted Florida’s historic, comprehensive energy and economic development legislation, which was created by the 2008 Florida Legislature and signed by the Governor at last month’s 2008 Serve to Preserve Florida Summit on Global Climate Change in Miami. As proposed by the Governor, the legislation expands the previously existing renewable energy grants program to include energy efficiency projects. The 2008-09 budget includes $7 million for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, with another $8 million for bioenergy projects to be administered by the new Florida and Energy and Climate Commission, also created by the legislation.

Listen to Governor Crist’s remarks here: [audio:http://www.southeastagnet.com/audio/interviews/f2f-08-crist.mp3]

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