MO Gov Candidates Debate Ethanol

John Davis

As we reported back on July 16th, ethanol has become a key issue in the race for Missouri’s governor office. Tonight, the two key opponents in the debate over Missouri’s ethanol mandate, one of the first in the nation, faced off in a televised debate.

Republicans Congressman Kenny Hulshof and State Treasurer Sarah Steelman tangled over each other’s positions on the green fuel… with Hulshof backing Missouri’s ethanol mandate and Steelman siding with Big Oil and calling for repeal of the mandate.

During the debate on Springfield’s KY3-TV, Hulshof defended ethanol saying the big oil companies have spent tens of millions of dollars to blame ethanol for the nation’s energy woes. He says Steelman has been misled down that path, when in fact, “the only solution we’ve been able to come up with as far as increasing our supply of energy has been domestic biofuels. Instead of looking to the Mideast for our energy needs, why aren’t we looking to the Midwest?”

Hulshof also pointed out that ethanol is being credited with keeping gas prices down by up to 40 cents a gallon. And in Missouri, where a 10 percent ethanol requirement for nearly every gallon of gas sold is in effect, we are enjoying some of the lowest prices in the country (Coincidence? I think not!).

You can here both of their comments on the KY3 web site.

While I realize that this is a Missouri debate before our August 5th primary, I think it is indicative of the debate and attacks that ethanol and biodiesel are undergoing across the country. Keep an eye on this race… it could have implications throughout the U.S.

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