Ethanol Waiver Delay Gains Biodiesel Chief Praise

John Davis

While the EPA delay of issuing a decision on Texas’ request for a waiver from the Renewable Fuel Standard (see Cindy’s story from earlier today) is seen as good news for the ethanol industry, it is also being praised by its biodiesel brethren.

National Biodiesel Board Chief Executive Officer Joe Jobe issued this statement on the decision:

“In considering the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) waiver request by Gov. Perry, it is important to note that all renewable fuels qualify for the current RFS. In fact, if the RFS is waived or cut in half in 2008, then the growth of all biofuels, including ‘advanced biofuels’ such as biodiesel, will be severely hindered.

“As Gov. Perry himself pointed out just last month, alternative fuels such as biodiesel play in an important role in ‘diversifying not only our energy portfolio, but our economic landscape.’*

“Beyond the environmental and energy security benefits provided by biofuels, the opportunity for green jobs and the continued economic development of biodiesel refineries in Texas must be taken into account by the EPA when evaluating whether to waive the RFS. Unfortunately, the goal of bringing biofuels, jobs and energy independence to Texas and the nation, which Gov. Perry praised just last month, will not be realized if the RFS is waived.

Jobe also pointed out that Perry has recently praised biodiesel for “providing a necessary alternative to fossil fuels without negatively impacting our food supply.” Jobe says that was the right thing then… and it’s still the right thing now.