Biodiesel Co. Prez: Push Back Against Myths

John Davis

The president of a New York City biodiesel company is encouraging his industry to “push back” against the myths put out about the green fuel.

Biodiesel Magazine reports Brent Baker, president of Tri-State Biodiesel got tired of dispelling misinformation about biodiesel: Isn’t it the reason people are starving? Doesn’t it take more energy to make than it creates? What about greenhouse gas emissions and the rainforests?:

Baker became so frustrated about having to constantly defend biodiesel to people who were being misled by incorrect information that he decided to do something about it on a larger level. A few months ago, he began writing statements to potential clients and other interested parties setting the facts straight about biodiesel. Now, he’s heading a national “grassroots” movement for others to do the same. “I like to call it a ‘push back’,” Baker said.

One of the things he’s frustrated about is that all biofuels are constantly lumped into one group by the mainstream media and biodiesel is often referred to as being the same as corn ethanol. “We’re going to try to do what we can here in New York and with our circle of colleagues in the biodiesel industry to push back on that,” Baker said. “I think our society is sophisticated enough now that we can say “biodiesel” when we’re talking about biodiesel and “ethanol” when we’re talking about ethanol.”

Baker’s goal is to appeal to three different groups of people. The first being members of the biodiesel industry and the biodiesel movement. “Our first step was to get this notion of ‘let’s make an effort to speak up and coordinate our efforts with the NBB and with each other’,” he said.

The second part of Baker’s plan is to inform political leaders and customers on a local level. He’s doing his part in New York and hopes that biodiesel proponents across the country will do something similar.

Finally, Baker plans to reach out to the press and the general public to set the record straight on biodiesel. “We’re trying to get the information out there as best we can,” he said.

Baker is also using his company’s web site to move the effort forward.