First Blender Pump to Open in Kansas

Zarco 66The first blender pump in Kansas offering ethanol blended fuels of E20, E30 and E85 held a celebratory opening. Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels Station at 2005 W. 9th Street (corner of 9th and Iowa streets) has been designed and built with a number of environmentally-friendly aspects.

“Blender pumps allow gas stations, like Zarco 66, to sell more blends of ethanol-enriched fuel to consumers driving flex-fuel vehicles giving them a choice for cleaner air,” said Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) Deputy Director, Robert White. “We are excited to partner with Zarco 66 to help with the opening of the state’s first blender pump, and I encourage other gas stations to research blender pump installation in their local markets.”

The ethanol dispensing unit was provided by DresserWayne. “‘We are pleased to be working with innovative retailers like Scott with Zarco who are truly pioneers for bringing renewable fuels to the marketplace. His use of our leading forecourt technology to not only improve his customers experience at the pump but to educate them about renewable fuels is a model for others to follow,” said Director, North America Product Management for Dresser Wayne, Scott Negley.

Including Zarco 66, there are 39 E85 fueling stations throughout the state of Kansas.

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