10th E85 Station in Tucson Opens With Promotion

The tenth E85 fueling station in Tucson, Arizona will offer E85 for $1.85 per gallon on Wednesday, June 25 in celebration of their grand opening. The Quik Mart at 1026 E. Irvington Road, at the intersection with Houghton Road in Tucson, will offer the alternative fuel at the discounted rate from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“Bringing a clean fuel alternative like E85 to the Tucson consumer, being a good community partner and being a part of building a better tomorrow was important to Quik Mart,” said Troy Little, owner of the Quik Mart. “It just made sense.”

Quik Mart will also offer a jumbo hot dog, small bag of chips and 32-ounce soft drink for just $1.85.

“Opening Tucson’s 10th E85 site tells me that E85 is not only selling well for the other nine sites, but it also has found a permanent home in Tucson,” said Colleen Crowninshield, manager of the Tucson Clean Cities program at Pima Association of Governments. “With gas prices pushing $4 a gallon and the
need to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil more apparent than ever, we’re proud to be a part of fueling Tucson for $1.85 with clean alternatives to petroleum, such as E85. We’d like to thank Quik Mart and all of our other stations for bringing these fuels to the Tucson region.”

The E85 fuel promotion is sponsored by the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council.

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