Ethanol Groups Working Together

Cindy Zimmerman

The three major ethanol producer groups are working together to combat negative publicity and keep ethanol moving forward.

EPIC Fueling LogoEthanol Promotion and Information Council Executive Director Toni Nuernberg says the three groups – EPIC, the Renewable Fuels Association, and the American Coalition for Ethanol – complement each other.

RFA“All three of us have a roll to play in this industry,” Nuernberg says. “We are looking at all the initiatives under way by the different organizations, how we can work together, and make sure we’re not duplicating effort.”

ACEEPIC’s main focus is to drive demand with consumers, while RFA’s role is to protect and promote policy in Washington DC, and ACE is the grassroots organization dedicated to expansion of ethanol production.

Because of the three different roles, Nuernberg says all three groups should be supported by the industry. “It’s all equally important and will benefit plants long-term,” she says.

EPIC has just started a major national advertising campaign, which also includes three syndicated radio programs – The Wall Street Journal, NPR Car Talk and Bill O’Reilly. Nuernberg says they are very pleased to have the support of O’Reilly in the effort.

Listen to an interview with Toni Nuernberg from the 2008 FEW here about the ethanol industry’s promotional efforts:

2008 Fuel Ethanol Workshop Photo Album

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