Solazyme Algae-Biodiesel Meets Standard

John Davis

As we told you yesterday, Solazyme’s algae-based biodiesel now meets the strict American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D-975 specifications… the first algal-biodiesel to meet the standard set for all regular diesel.

Today, the San Francisco-based synthetic biology company put out its own press release:

In a 100% blend, SoladieselRDTM has been road tested in a factory standard 2005 Jeep Liberty diesel. The fuel’s chemical composition is identical to that of standard petroleum based diesel, and SoladieselRDTM is fully compatible with the existing transportation fuel infrastructure. Having fewer particulate emissions, SoladieselRDTM also has a more desirable environmental footprint than standard petro-diesel. In addition, it meets the new ASTM ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) standards.

“This now marks the production of our second fuel that meets current U.S. fuel specifications and is an important validation of our proprietary process using microalgae to produce renewable fuels,” said Jonathan Wolfson, chief executive officer of Solazyme. “Solazyme’s leadership in the green fuels space will continue to grow as we now execute on our strategy for commercial launch.”

The standard is considered important as it helps secure Solazyme’s place as a maker of renewable fuel from a truly non-food source.