Indiana Police Department Only to Use E85

West Lafayette PoliceThe West Lafayette, Indiana Police Department is trying to help their budget by using E85 in their seven new FFV squad cards. The department reportedly spends between $11K and $12k a month for fuel.

“The price is right now to give it a try,” said Police Chief Jason Dombkowski. “Looks like a dollar savings per gallon. We think we can save up to $1,000 a month on fuel consumption costs.”

Although the department realizes there is less energy in E85 than gasoline (equating to less miles per gallon when using the alternative fuel), they receive a significant discount in the price making it adventageous to purchase E85.

The FFV Ford Crown Victorias will use E85 for 60 days and if they see a cost savings, will consider converting much of their fleet to E85 compatible.

“We are going to try to go straight E85 flex fuel for now and analyze and see how cars are doing for our needs,” said Dombkowski. “At the end of the summer if gas prices are still what they are and we’re getting the results we need we may do some conversion.”

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