US, UK Firms Team Up to Make Biodiesel

John Davis

An American biofuels company is teaming up with a British company to build several biodiesel plants able to make the green fuel from a variety of sources, including non-food feedstocks.

This story in the Houston (TX) Business Journal says Houston-based Endicott Biofuels will use Davy Process Technology Ltd.’s esterification technology to make the flexible refineries:

Endicott is already developing its first plant in Houston, a 30 million-gallon biodiesel plant financed by Haddington Ventures LLC, a Houston-based midstream private equity firm. The plant should come online by 2010.

Endicott did not release possible site locations for the next round of plants.

“Our goal is to build multiple plants in strategic geographic locations throughout North America to gain logistical advantages,” said Richard Wyatt, a principal at Endicott. “Demand for biodiesel … is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years as fossil-based fuels continue to increase in price as international demand from rapidly growing countries such as China and India pressures supply.”