Corn Utilization For Fuel, Food and Other Things

Chuck Zimmerman

Wine Glass Made From CornI know that this wine cup of mine isn’t going to fuel a vehicle but it’s an example of one of the other uses of corn here at the Corn Utilization and Technology Conference in Kansas City, MO.

Getting back to fuel though, this afternoon I interviewed Rick Tolman, CEO of the NCGA and Richard Glass, VP of Research and Business Development for NCGA.

When I spoke to Rick Tolman he said that he’s always rejuvenated by the ideas, enthusiasm and energy expressed here. He says the exciting story is the productivity in corn production. Like me he also doesn’t see a food vs. fuel issue but one of food and fuel because the corn production pie is growing. But even beyond fuel we’re hearing about other types of new products being made from corn, like the cup above. Another example, he says is that the NCGA offices are being carpeted with a product made from corn.

Here’s my interview with Rick Tolman: [audio:]

When I spoke to Richard Glass he said that he’s really impressed with this conference. He says there are people here representing 11 countries counting the United States and that we have 35 speakers in 10 sessions. He says this is perfect timing to have the conference because of all the things going on with ethanol and the push to relieve our dependence on petrochemicals.

Here’s my interview with Richard Glass: [audio:]

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