Solar Power in Spain

John Davis

Another 8.7 megawatts of solar energy is now available in Spain. SunPower Corp. has opened two new solar-electric power plants in Llerena and Lebrija.

The solar power plant constructed by SunPower in Llerena is 4.8 megawatts; the plant in Lebrija is 3.9 megawatts. In Spain, SunPower has completed or has signed contracts to deliver solar power plants totaling more than 100 megawatts.

For these projects, SunPower used its proprietary SunPower(R) Tracker technology, which follows the sun during the day, and delivers significantly more energy than traditional fixed-tilt systems.

“We utilized our industry-leading SunPower Tracker technology at both of the power plant sites, maximizing energy output, while optimizing land use and reducing related costs,” said Marco Antonio Northland, general manager of SunPower’s European operations.

SunPower says renewable energy has a great potential of thriving in these regions of Spain.

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