Biodiesel Works Like Gas

John Davis

A newly developed “bio-gasoline” product from XcelPlus enables internal combustion gasoline engines to run on natural oils like soybean and vegetable oil. XcelPlus is offering a “Biolene” additive that enables producers and consumers of biodiesel to convert the biofuel so it’s suitable for use in any gasoline powered engines. The company says the new product means home blenders can expect final pump-grade fuel to cost about $2.70 a gallon.

According to Mr. Bill R. Smith, President of Xcelplus, “current testing of the fuel is being conducted with test vehicles run exclusively on Biolene. The test vehicles are being monitored for CO, CO2, hydrocarbon, O2 and NOx exhaust emissions, and we are very pleased with test results to date. We are looking towards an ASTM testing for the fuel before launching it into global markets.”

Check out the google video of Biolene here:

The additive is expected to be available for purchase later this year.

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