Demo Cellulosic Ethanol Plant to be Dedicated

Cindy Zimmerman

A dedication ceremony is planned this week for a new demonstration-scale cellulosic ethanol facility in Louisiana.

Verenium PlantOfficials with Verenium Corporation say the Thursday dedication begins the commissioning phase for the new facility located in Jennings.

“This is a major step forward and a transformational moment for Verenium and the next-generation ethanol industry as we seek commercially-viable alternatives to traditional fuel sources,” said Carlos A. Riva, President and Chief Executive Officer of Verenium. “This is a first for the U.S. and as we take the next step toward commercialization, we are breaking new ground and setting new standards for our industry.”

The demonstration-scale plant in Jennings is rated to produce 1.4 million-gallons-per-year of next-generation ethanol by using specialty enzymes and the Company’s proprietary technology to convert non-food biomass.

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