New Mexico Gov Helps Open Biofuels Center

John Davis

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson helped open a new center that will feature renewable fuels.

According to this company press release, Richardson filled up the Cummins-Blue Sun Biodiesel dragster this weekend at the Nambe Falls Travel Center in Santa Fe… a Blue Sun Biodiesel complex that includes retail and wholesale sales of the green fuel:

The Nambe Falls Travel Center is representative of the future of fueling stations, featuring major alternative fuels like biodiesel and ethanol. The Travel Center is only the third store in New Mexico to offer E10, E85, B5 and B20.

Nambe Falls selected premium Blue Sun Fusion™ B20 biodiesel because Fusion delivers greatly improved engine performance over traditional diesel fuel, has lower emissions and enjoys a strong brand franchise throughout the Mountain States.

“We’re glad to have Nambe Pueblo Development Corporation as a partner in New Mexico to bring customers the alternative fuels they demand and to help New Mexico continue on the path to becoming a clean energy state,” said Mike Miller, President and COO of Blue Sun Biodiesel.

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