Biodiesel Boat Heading Across Pacific

John Davis

If you think you’ve got a long drive this Memorial Day Weekend, check out what these travelers have ahead of them.

Earthrace, a biodiesel-powered boat trying to set a record for circling the globe on water, is somewhere between Hawaii and the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. According to this story posted on, it has not exactly been smooth sailing:

At 0400 GMT on Thursday the port engine high pressure fuel line began leaking at a joint. A bio-diesel mist filled the engine bay. Pete Bethune, the New Zealand skipper shut down the engine and Earthrace continued on the 2050 nautical mile leg with just one engine at 14-15 knots.

A liquid medal repair was attempted but after the 12 hour cure time and the port engine was brought back on line but the leak failed under the 30,000 psi.

But the Earthrace is still more than 2,000 miles ahead of schedule. In fact, if you read the latest entry on the captain’s blog, he talks about a cornflake eating contest between crew members John and Rob:

John, is halfway through his fifth bowl as well, but he looks even worse than Rob.
“Actually Rob I’m willing to concede”, he says slowly. “I’ve had enough cornflakes to last a lifetime. I just hope I make it through the night.”
Rob raises his arms in the air. “England one, USA nil”, he says triumphantly.

You can follow the Earthrace’s progress and read the captain’s blog at

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