Crystal Flash Rep Says Ethanol a Fuel for the Future

John Davis

Joanna Schroeder The Crystal Flash at Rangeline in Carmel, IN was the first gas station in the Indianapolis metro area to offer E85 fuel, and that was several years ago. Andy Batt, the Vice President of Merchandising for Crystal Flash fuel retailer, says E85 sales make up about four to five percent of all gallons of fuel sold at the Rangeline location. He says ethanol pump promotions like the one the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council sponsored at his station offer great opportunities to pass savings along to consumers. He says it also helps educate them on what he says has become a very confusing topic. Andy (pictured third from left) says most consumers don’t realize the cost savings that E10 fuel brings to consumers at the pump. Couple that with the fact that the fuel also decreases foreign dependence on oil and, he says, consumers have a sound reason to opt for ethanol fuel blends.

I caught up with Andy at today’s pump promotion. You can listen to why Andy thinks ethanol is a big part of fueling the future here: [audio:]

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