Hythane Gains in Popularity

John Davis

,A new fuel made by mixing natural gas and hydrogen is gaining in popularity. Eden Energy owns the technology to “Hythane” purported to reduce greenhouse gases and particulates that affect air quality.

In a company press release, Eden Energy says Hythane® was developed to help make a practical and affordable transition from petroleum-based fuel to hydrogen:

“Like Xerox, Hythane has entered the language to describe both our original product and all the others following in its footsteps,” said Greg Solomon, CEO, Eden Energy Ltd. “What remains unique about Hythane® is our optimized blend hits a ‘sweet spot’ with hydrogen that results in a 95% reduction in emissions compared to petroleum diesel. Even compared to cleaner natural-gas powered vehicles, Hythane reduces harmful nitrogen oxides by half.”

New projects using Hythane® and Hythane derivatives in truck and bus fleets are being reviewed for funding in many U.S .cities such as New York, Syracuse, Albany, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, Barstow, Santa Monica, and Sacramento. National programs are also underway in India and China.

Eden Energy officials add that their company has been tapped to put in the first public hydrogen fueling station in New Delhi, India. That country wants 20 percent of all the vehicles in the country to run on hydrogen by 2020.

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