Hoosier Ethanol Opinions

Cindy Zimmerman

Hoosier ethanol interviewThis week is the biggest week of the year for Hoosiers in Indianapolis with the 92nd Indy 500 coming up and since it is also the second year that the race will be running on 100 percent fuel grade ethanol, it’s a big week for the corn and ethanol industries in the state.

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council has been gearing up for the race with various ethanol promotions, including special discount fuel events at local fuel stations and a drawing to win a pace car Corvette. “But the real focus of this campaign is to educate the consumer about ethanol,” according to Mark Walters with the council. “What we are finding is that many consumers in Indiana are still on the fence about ethanol. They think its a good thing but they don’t know all the facts.”

Hoosier Ag TodayIndiana’s Hoosier Ag Today (HAT) radio network decided to find out just what consumers do know about ethanol by interviewing motorists at a recent ethanol pump promotion. Farm broadcaster Gary Truitt says he found that there is definitely a need for ethanol education.

“Our consumer sampling seemed to support Walter’s assertion that most Hoosier motorists still have an open mind about ethanol,” said Truitt.

Among the comments Truitt heard is that ethanol is a good idea and that anything that helps reduce our energy consumption is wonderful.

Listen to Truitt’s report here or read more on the HAT website.

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