Challenge X Approaches D.C.

John Davis

Teams participating in Challenge X, a multi-year engineering competition with 17 university teams from across North America developing GM vehicles, is getting ready to pull into the nation’s capital.

They’ll be finishing up a 400-mile road rally from New Jersey to Washington, D.C. with the finish line at U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters tomorrow (Wednesday, May 21st).

This YouTube video has some more information:

To see a little bit more about what Challenge X is all about, check out this from the competition’s web site:

Since 1987, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has sponsored more than two dozen competitions challenging thousands of engineering students to achieve better fuel economy and lower emissions while maintaining the safety, performance, utility, and consumer appeal of a variety of vehicles.

Now, General Motors Corporation (GM), DOE, and other government and industry leaders have developed a new competition called Challenge X: Crossover to Sustainable Mobility. This ground-breaking, three-year competition will give engineering schools an opportunity to participate in hands-on research and development with leading-edge automotive propulsion, fuels, materials, and emissions-control technologies.

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