Ethanol on Display at Alternative Vehicle Expo

Cindy Zimmerman

Ethanol was in the spotlight at this week’s Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.

EPIC at AFViThe conference featured every vehicle technology under the hot sun on display and several panels and workshops helped to educate and provide information about the various blends of ethanol and especially how they can fit into greener fleets.

Ethanol Promotion and Information Council communications specialist Elizabeth Hilpipre says that several ethanol representatives appeared on panels at the event. “There were many questions during the conference about compatibility, sustainability and of course, food and fuel,” she said. “Over three different panels, EPIC Deputy Director Robert White spoke about the realities of the food and fuel debate, as did Team Ethanol IndyCar owner Bobby Rahal.”

During the general session, Rahal addressed his concern over the impact of $120+ per barrel oil, and the simple transportation costs associated with getting products to market, having more of an impact on food prices.

Overall, Hilpipre says the conference was a great success for the ethanol industry. “Fleet managers, average consumers and school kids turned out by the numbers to learn about the arsenal that continues to grow each year to help diversify our nation’s fuel supply,” she said.

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