Massachusetts to Get E85 Station

Cindy Zimmerman

Massachusetts drivers will soon be able to get 85 percent ethanol enriched fuel for their flex-fuel vehicles.

Mass E85 StationAccording to the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, Burke Oil of Chelsea, MA will add E85 to its fueling options next month.

“Waivers and permits were new issues for state and local government agencies as well as for us,” said Andy Frongillo of Burke Oil. The lack of Underwriters Laboratories certification of a dispenser kept the site from opening much sooner.

Frongillo added, “Burke’s gas station has the distinction of being the first in Massachusetts offering biodiesel at the pump. Burke supplies many of the area’s largest biodiesel and bioheat users. To keep pace with growing demand, the company recently opened a Biofuels Storage Facility in Holyoke, Massachusetts.”

Burke Oil tentatively plans to hold a grand opening event on June 26.

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