BioBox Mini Offers Small-scale Biodiesel Production

John Davis

Pacific Natural EnergyBiodiesel production is going from large-scale to small-scale. Pacific Natural Energy is introducing the BioBox Mini to offer smaller companies efficient and effective biodiesel production through a single 20-foot cargo container.

With minimal cost and equipment, entry-level customers have the ability to lead the masses towards biodiesel independence. The BioBox Mini can process up to 400,000 gallons per year of ASTM-quality biodiesel and costs less than $250,000. That translates to a ROI of approximately six months, including a production build-up period.

The BioBox Mini includes all the required equipment to start your own complete commercial biodiesel production business:

— PNE 25 SS “Mini” – Turnkey Biodiesel Processor
— 2,750-gallon total capacity WVO filtration/dewatering/storage system
— 400-gallon WVO vacuum suction tank
— One-hundred 55-gallon WVO collection lids

“No one gets left to fend for themselves. We want biodiesel to succeed, and that means every customer must succeed,” says Eric McLeod, PNE’s founder and CEO.

PNE says the BioBox Mini offers a minimum of 400 gallons of biodiesel per 8-hour batch. The company also promises to offer both training and an on-site PNE representative to run the facility for the first several weeks of BioBox operation.

PNE has a YouTube video to help customers understand how their products can help them become biodiesel-independent:

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