Look To Ohio For Fuel Cell Innovation

John Davis

Fuel Cell CorridorOhio describes itself as a leader in the fuel cell industry and a prominent figure in clean energy innovations. And, to support its claim, the state will host the Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium at the University of Akron this Tuesday and Wednesday (May 11-12). The Ohio Business Development Coalition wants to showcase the state’s “nurturing business environment” for renewable energy.

Fresh on the heels of the passage of Ohio’s Energy Bill, the Symposium provides an opportunity for fuel cell industry leaders to discuss the critical role of alternative energy resources for Ohio’s future.

This month, Ohio Gov. Strickland signed into law a landmark energy reform bill that will require at least 25 percent of the electricity sold in Ohio to be generated from advanced energy technology by 2025 — with a minimum of 12.5 percent from renewable energy resources. At the same time, Ohio government leaders have agreed to pursue a jobs and economic development stimulus package that will provide $150 million in advanced energy supply chain funding to further stimulate industry development.

Ohio is one of the few places in the world where you can find all phases of fuel cell development taking place. The state is also home to the Ohio Fuel Cell Initiative, a multi-million-dollar program that aims to spur job creation in Ohio while positioning the state as a national leader in the growing fuel cell industry.

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