Forum Number 18 for CleanTech

John Davis

ct.pngThe Cleantech Network is holding yet another forum to give experts in the energy industry a chance to learn the latest tools and technologies of the trade. The CleanTech Forum XVIII will be held in Washington D.C. September 15th -17th, 2008.

Explore the best cleantech policies and corporate practices from around the world. Hear from prominent lawmakers on cleantech-related issues. Help influence change. A new U.S. administration will soon be sworn in, and a national American emissions cap and trade system looks likely. First generation biofuels are being blamed for rising worldwide food prices, and scientists worry that the challenge of global warming has been underestimated.

Cleantech Forum XVIII in Washington, D.C. connects North American investors, technology innovators, policymakers and top tier cleantech influencers with their counterparts from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.

More than 20 of the industry’s leading companies will be presenting their value propositions at the event.

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