Ohio Invests One Million in Wind Power

John Davis

third.jpgWind power is a worthy investment for Ohio. The state is expanding its wind industry through continued investment in its Ohio Third Frontier Program. The Third Frontier Program is a $1.6 billion initiative awards grants to companies that develop innovative technology that drives the acceleration of the state’s emerging energy industry. The latest company to win, Parker Hannifin, will further Ohio’s wind development.

Cleveland, Ohio-based Parker Hannifin was awarded $1 million for the commercialization of a hydraulic system developed by Parker for use in wind turbines. Parker’s hydraulic wind turbine effort will improve overall wind-to-electricity energy generating efficiency while also reducing maintenance expenses.

Ohio’s emerging wind energy boom is also fueled by the state’s long history as a manufacturing powerhouse. Ohio is No. 2 in the United States in potential for manufacturing wind turbines and components. Currently home to more than 60 companies in the wind turbine supply chain; Ohio has already become a leading supplier for the U.S. wind industry. Hundreds of large-scale industrial manufacturing operations stand poised to participate in Ohio’s wind industry growth.

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