A Little Green to Change Rush’s Mind

John Davis

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Rush Limbaugh. I really do. He’s given a voice to the conservative cause for many years… even when things looked pretty bleak for his side. And he does GOOD radio. He knows how to communicate to his audience, and my hat is off to him for his radio skills.

Gold EIB MicrophoneBut when it comes to his position on biofuels, he’s just plain wrong. Not every day, but many days I catch his short commentary on the local radio station on my way to work, and I’ll catch him if I’m out running errands during my lunch hour. And, increasingly, he’s been taking potshots at ethanol and biodiesel. He says it’s bad for your engines… it’s costing you extra at the gas pumps and grocery store… there’s food riots because of the green fuels… and billions of those poor souls in the Developing World will starve to death because of biofuels. I’m amazed that the same scientists who have been bashing his friends in the oil industry, which Limbaugh has dismissed as “junk science,” are now being quoted by Rush as if they brought word from Moses himself! Give me a break!

So what can we do? Well, I think the first thing is to keep putting out factual information about the benefits of ethanol and biodiesel. Tell people how the green fuels are saving the world millions of gallons of non-renewable petroleum. Point out that the biggest cost inputs for the price of food come in the fuel used to plant, harvest, and deliver that food to your store. Keep researching to find more feedstocks to eliminate the food vs. fuel debate. In other words, keep doing what this web site and many others continue to do every day.

But what about the Maha-Rush-ee? This harmless, lovable, little fuzz ball has a huge audience. And he’s got a forum (which he has every right to have) for his Big-Oil fueled rants against biofuels. What else can we do? I say: just pay him!

Look, it might not be very palatable, but I really think that Limbaugh’s viewpoints are for sale. Just look at the example of his most recent sponsor, Chevrolet. For years, Rush has railed against the little four-cylinder cars that get great gas mileage as pretty much worthless death traps for those unfortunate enough to get behind the wheel. But wait, now he’s touting the benefits of a four-cylinder Chevy Malibu. Hmmm… new sponsor, new attitude. I think it could work for the ethanol and biodiesel industries.

Just think, grease (with bio-based oil) his palms a little, and soon enough, he’s singing the benefits of our beloved green fuels: “Folks, this stuff is great… and I should know… I am the smartest man to whom you’ve ever listened.” Then we hear him take a big swig of ethanol, smack his lips, and claim that it’s the tastiest thing he’s had since the pain pills he sent his housekeeper to get. Well, OK, maybe that’s using a bit of dramatic license. But it’s just crazy enough to work. We’ve got to do something. This guy’s just too full of hot air to let it go to waste.

I’m just saying…

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