Director of Cleanfield Alternative Energy Resigns

John Davis

ce.jpgThe Director of Cleanfield Alternative Energy has stepped down from his leadership position. Massimo Giovannetti’s resignation will be effective April, 25, 2008.

Tony Verrelli, President, Cleanfield Alternative Energy, said, “We wish Massimo all the best success in the next stage of his business career. Massimo was instrumental in the growth of the Company and was a strong advocate for Cleanfield; he always acted in an exemplary fashion in the conduct of his duties as a Director”.

About Cleanfield Alternative Energy

Cleanfield Alternative Energy is the parent company of Cleanfield EnergyTM and is committed to the development of renewable energy products for various applications. Cleanfield’s V3.5 can be mounted on ground-mounts or rooftops, offering electricity independence and security. The V3.5 operates in various wind conditions with less concern about wind direction or variability than conventional wind turbines.

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