Tiny Taste of Indy

John Davis

Marina and Rebbecca BravoJust being able to snag a ticket to the race means a huge Indy experience for most racing fans. But, some race-goers are lucky enough to snag tickets for the Hot Lap, taking their Indy experience one step further. The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council holds a raffle for every member racing event. For the Roadrunner Turbo Indy 300 here in Kansas, EPIC sent 5 members and guests for a spin around the track.

Mike Sobetski with LifeLine Foods brought his brother Bob along for the pace car ride. Kurt Bravo with Midwest Ethanol gave his tickets to his mother and fiance, Marina and Rebecca. Each of them jumped at the chance to circle the track twice at over 100 mph. And, each of them said they would do again… in a heartbeat.

You can listen to Marina and Rebecca’s reactions here:

2008 Roadrunner Turbo Indy 300 Photo Album

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