Wind Capital Gets $150 Million Investment

John Davis

ntr.jpgAn Irish renewable energy and sustainable waste management company has made a significant investment into a St. Louis-based wind energy company.

windcapitalgroup.gifThis story from the St. Louis (MO) Business Journal says that NTR plc is putting $150 million into Wind Capital Group and will supply 150 megawatts of wind turbines on behalf of Wind Capital to help move forward the company’s development projects:

The investment will help St. Louis-based Wind Capital expand beyond the Midwest region and into a major national player in wind energy development in North America, the company said in a statement.

NTR’s supply of 150 megawatts of wind turbines will be delivered to Wind Capital in 2010, according to a release.

Wind Capital is currently developing wind farm projects in eight states across the Midwest with a development pipeline of more than 2,000 megawatts.

As you might remember from my post earlier this week (April 21), Wind Capital is behind making Rock Port, Missouri the first community in the nation to be powered 100 percent by wind energy.