New Buick Lucerne to be FlexFuel

Cindy Zimmerman

General Motors is adding the 2009 Buick Lucerne sedan to its lineup of flex-fuel vehicles that can run on up to 85 percent ethanol.

2009 Buick LucerneGM Vice President of Environment, Energy and Safety Policy Beth Lowery says the Lucerne, the first flex-fuel capable Buick passenger car, will be among more than 15 GM models with flex-fuel capability in 2009.

“We continue to believe that ethanol used in high blends like E85 offers the best near-term solution to offset increased oil demand,” Lowery said at the Department of Energy’s Biomass Conference. “There are more than 7 million vehicles today that can use E85. The key is to increase the number of stations that offer the fuel.”

GM has 11 flex-fuel vehicles in its line up this year.

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