CleanTech Researches Waste to Ethanol

John Davis

ctb1.jpgCellulosic ethanol is gaining ground… and CleanTech Biofuels is the next in line to research how to turn waste into fuel.

CleanTech Biofuels is pleased to announce that it has engaged Hazen Research, Inc to construct and operate the pre-commercial stages of our Municipal Solid Waste to Ethanol project at Hazen’s eight acre research facility in Golden, Colorado.

hazen2.gifIn late January of this year, CleanTech Biofuels purchased a reactor system from the Forest Products lab at the University of California at Berkeley and reassembled it at Hazen. This reactor system has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of our HFTA cellulose conversion technology on wood waste feedstocks at Berkeley. Currently we are utilizing this reactor system at Hazen in the first phase of our project to optimize reaction conditions for our Process Engineered Fuel derived for municipal solid waste as well as other cellulosic feedstocks including corn stover, wood waste, and switch grass.

Hazen Research has an experienced and competent staff supported by the laboratory and pilot plant facilities necessary to apply the most appropriate technology to evaluate any industrial, commercial, and environmental issues we may encounter as our project moves from development to commercialization. They maintain all permits, governmental (Federal, State and Local) permits, licenses, and other approvals necessary to complete this project.

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