Canada’s Largest Biofuels Plant on Drawing Board

John Davis

canadiangreenfuels.jpgA $50 million project could help one of Canada’s biggest biofuels producers build the largest biofuels facility north of the border.

Biomass Magazine reports that Canadian Green Fuels Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mike Shenher recently announced the investment that includes building a new plant and upgrading the current Canadian Green Fuels plant in Regina, Saskatchewan:

“We expect these plants to have the capacity to produce 240 million liters (63 MMgy) of biofuel products a year and be considered a “green” plant, as all aspects of the plant and waste products are used to create revenue,” Shenher said, adding total revenue from the two plants could bring potential revenues of approximately $300 million per year.

The new plant, which is expected to produce approximately 52 MMgy (200 million liters), will run on energy it creates and is expected to produce biodiesel, biofuels, bio-oil, and bio-additives. The plant will crush 1,200 metric tons daily, and operate equipment that can crush any oil seed.

Shenher adds that putting together Canada’s largest oil seed crushing facilities with the biggest biofuel processing and production system will make it a world-class facility.