Algal Biodiesel Proves Worth in Cold Weather

John Davis

solazyme-logo.gifBiodiesel made from algae is proving it can stand up to the cold weather… a key to wider acceptance of the REALLY green fuel.

This story from Emerging Energy News says that Soladiesel, made by Solazyme, was tested at the Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), requested by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD):

“The DoD’s requested testing of the Soladiesel fuel showed superior performance especially in terms of its cold temperature properties,” said Solazyme Inc.’s CEO Jonathan Wolfson.

“Greater performance in cold temperatures means our biodiesel and other algae-based fuels could help the military in remote northern locations like Alaska and North Dakota, as well as in hot climates, while reducing dependence on petroleum,” he said.

Algal diesel was used to power an unmodified Ford F450 driven by a former U.S. military officer at the 2008 DESC Worldwide Energy Conference in Arlington.

R. James Woolsey, former director of central Intelligence and under -secretary of the navy, claimed the test drive showed algae can be tapped to enable the U.S. to grow its own military fuels in the country.